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Legal advice and support as a counter-attack to the perpetration of non-consenual human experimentation and electronic crimes against defenseless citizens.


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We are aware that you are a targeted individual (TI) that is suffering from harassment and/or pain, just as we are. You may have responded to one of our websites or a friend, relative, or TI acquaintance gave us your name. We are asking you to join us in our quest to obtain a Congressional Investigation by sending us your statement or “testimony.”

Since most other strategies meant to help TI’s have failed, we are using our personal experiences in this statement to demonstrate capabilities that could only belong to a federal intelligence agency. We are using the available COINTELPRO evidence, not for litigation, but to force a thorough congressional investigation comparable to the Church Committee Investigation of COINTELPRO 30 YEARS AGO. This is a doable strategy, which has the potential to uncover the kind of hard evidence that will make successful litigation possible.

What are COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) operations?

They are what many TI’s call “group stalking.” They consist of all the many forms of covert harassment and crime that we routinely experience day to day. Rather than describe them as “vigilante groups”, “organized stalking”, or “gang-stalking”, COINTELPRO operations were actually created over 50 years ago by a federal intelligence agency and have been actively carried out by this agency continuously from then until now. They have also partnered with other federal agencies to create many, many ways to harass you. The many forms of harassment are referred to as “COINTELPRO operations” or COINTELPRO tactics”.

Historically, COINTELPRO operations have been for the purpose of political repression. This purpose continues, and a new form of repression has been added. COINTELPRO methods are now being used to keep the involuntary subjects of DEW experiments controlled, neutralized, and incapacitated so that they cannot fight back effectively against the experiments.

Although COINTELPRO operations were created by the FBI, other agencies have been involved in COINTELPRO-types of operations in the past. The point we are making is that our experiences demonstrate activities, which are available only to a federal intelligence agency.

COINTELPRO operations are designed to create the false appearance of mental illness when targets tell the truth about their unbelievable and seemingly impossible experiences. This false appearance gives public officials, who know the truth, an excuse for rejecting responsibility to investigate DEW experiments and all the other crimes being committed against us.

When truth is made unbelievable, police and government officials, who know the truth, can pretend not to believe it, AND pretend that those who tell the truth are mentally ill. COINTELPRO operations are thus an ideal supplement to cover up the truth about the DEW experiments.

The experiences as described in the Sample Testimonial are classic COINTELPRO methods. Most of them have been in use continuously for half a century. Some of them demonstrate unique capabilities available only to a federal intelligence agency. Those unique experiences are the ones that should be emphasized in this testimony.

Criteria for the Statements

WE are asking you to report the incidences you are experiencing, as you understand them as they relate to COINTELPRO. Our “Sample Testimony” has several suggested topics. You may follow these and/or add your own.

The general understanding of COINTELPRO is much more limited that the COINTELPRO experiences that we know. The term is generally understood to mean aggressive surveillance, infiltration, and disruption of political activists. Please stay within the COINTELPRO limits. DEW attacks and DEW experiments should NOT be mentioned because they are not recognized as COINTELPRO. (Note: We’ll talk about DEW attacks in a separate statement.) UPDATE: We are now accepting DEW statements for the Bioethics Commission and we call this: “Statement of Non-Consensual Human Experimentation”.

If you were engaged in any kind of liberal political activity or whistle-blowing or anything else that might explain why you were targeted, you should say so (either generally or specifically). We are trying to expose truth about wrongdoing in government, and want to obtain investigation and remedies for the harm being done to us by our government.

Notice that in the sample, there is no detailed discussion of any complex situations. The descriptions, in general terms, are of COINTELPRO operations that have specific details to illustrate the methods.

Although we DO offer editing help, the final choice as to what to say is yours. We are trying to make it easy for you to participate; --not to dictate what you should or should not say. There is no limit on length. Many TI’s have suffered for decades. If we have a specific need to do so, we will condense your statement. Clear and concise is always good.

Once you submit your statement to the email address above, our team will review and if needed, edit your statement. Once you approve the changes, your statement will be forwarded to our attorney.

Please review the FAQs before you send questions to us. Thank you for your support.

Please pass this email to other TI’s that may be interested in our project. OR, do you know a TI without a computer? We can take verbal, hand-written, or faxed testimonials.

Remember: Doing nothing prolongs our agony, leaving us without hope.



The Testimonial Project

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):


How do you know it is COINTELPRO (i.e., Federal) Crimes being committed against us?

The absence of physical break-ins is what identifies the criminals. Only a government intelligence agency has the capability to bypass any lock or security device without breaking in.

Common criminals and “local” gangs do not have this capability and have no motive to avoid leaving evidence of a break-in. The COINTELPRO motive is to make the victim to be delusional and to give local police an excuse to refusing to investigate the crime.

Why is a TI’s harassment not a crime?

Separate acts of harassment by people in a group do not meet the penal definition of the crime of “stalking.” Harassment is not a crime unless you can prove a series of harassing acts by a single person. This constitutes the crime of stalking. It is thus not only useless, but is also counterproductive to report activities that are not crimes and which will give police an excuse for treating you as delusional. This is the purpose of street theater and other unbelievable forms of COINTELPRO harassment.

Only a federal investigative or intelligence agency has the capability to perform these operations, and they have a very long proven history of having performed such operations for decades.

If you report this to the FBI, as many TI’s have tried to do, they have always ignored all the reports and refused to investigate its own unconstitutional, criminal COINTELPRO operations.

Anti-TI activists have been very successful in covering up the COINTELPRO truth with the “local stalking group” myth. Also, “local stalking groups” could not possibly be doing this all over the U.S. and Canada to so many TI’s in so many different cities and states because they are, supposedly, LOCAL. They are NOT local; they receive federal training.

Why shouldn’t I report these harassment activities, even if I don’t refer to them as “local gang stalking”?

No matter what you call them, the harassment activities do not violate any penal law, unless you are a senior citizen; in which case they are a violation of elder abuse laws. The harassment activities are designed to make anyone who reports them appears to be paranoid and delusional. This is the kind of police report you would get if you attempt to report the bizarre harassment forms of COINTELPRO operations.

TI’s need to understand that local police ARE a part of the COINTELPRO machine. They participate in COINTELPRO harassment, and they cover up COINTELPRO crimes.

Why won’t a lawsuit succeed in getting TI’s help?

The crimes being perpetrated against us are government crimes. We are not prevented from exposing our knowledge of government crimes, but these crimes are state secrets. We cannot access state secrets through court discovery procedures, but congress can access them. It has done so in past investigations of COINTELPRO, MK-ULTRA, etc.:

            1. A major congressional investigation of COINTELPRO OPERATIONS WAS CONDUCTED IN 1976-78 BY THE Church Committee, a U. S. Senate Committee chaired by Senator Frank Church.

            2. An investigation of the 1981-85 COINTELPRO war against CISPES (Committee In Sympathy with the People of El Salvador) was conducted by the Senate Intelligence Committee in 1989.

What if we don’t get a Congressional Investigation?

If we cannot get a Congressional Investigation, we will publish the statements on the Internet with the identifying into removed. We will respect privacy elsewhere for those who request it.

We will send statements to journalists, to civil and constitutional rights organizations; to all liberal activist organizations, such as 9-11 Truth. These activist organizations may now be targeted or may have participants who are targeted, or they are subject to being targeted in the future. It is very much in their interest to join with us in demanding congressional Investigation of today’s COINTELPRO operations.

We can’t name all of the organizations and groups that we would contact. We would try anything that might help once we have the evidence we need. And that would be your testimonial.

Why are you asking for certain topics on your sample testimonial?

We need to join together many people who can confirm the truth of the same COINTELPRO crimes. Any ONE person can be treated by police as a nut, but if several people in cities around

the U.S. report the same crimes, we are more likely to paint the picture of federal COINTELPRO TACTICS.

Where will you be taking my statement?

(See the FAQ “What if we don’t get a congressional Investigation?”)

Will you be taking my statement to the FBI?

No, they are an intrinsic part of COINTELPRO.

What happens if we choose to NOT have our personal information disclosed (i.e., privacy issue concerns)?

We will respect the privacy of those who are fearful about identifying themselves. We WOULD need to disclose names if we ask Congress to investigate specific harm to specific persons, but we can maintain anonymity even there for those who wish it, --but they will not get the possible benefit of an investigation of their personal experiences.

How long does this process take?

The actual timeline is uncertain, and depends largely on the number of testimonials we receive, and how soon we receive them.

It can’t happen at all if propagandists are able to continue making the entire TI community present a public image as paranoid and delusional, covering up the truth of COINTELPRO by claiming “organized stalking” is the problem.

My testimony, if submitted, may not guarantee a Congressional Investigation. Is this true?

We can’t get a Congressional Investigation by proving the need for it and the right to it. That has never happened. Only proving it to the public has ever forced an investigation. Your statement will be used to arouse enough public pressure to force a Congressional Investigation.

Why do we need a Congressional Investigation, instead of a lawsuit against government officials or agencies?

Congressional Investigation is the one and only way possible to access the classified government secrets that we must be able to prove in order to make successful litigation possible. The two past Congressional Investigations of COINTELPRO were forced upon Congress by public pressure.

TI’s have never been able to obtain such investigation by making personal requests to Congress. What worked for TI’s twice in the past can work again now.

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